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Professionel fisher 1973 -1990

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January 19, 2018

Fishing 1973 – 1990

I am a trained chef and while I was a cook, I started fishing. In 1975, I stopped as a cook to be professional professional fisherman. In 1976, I bought my first vessel a fiberglass vessel 9 meters with a 110 hp Volvo Penta. In 1978, together with a colleague, we took over a 16 ton vessel (wood) with a 90 hp Callesen, and later we bought a larger vessel 210 hp wood. In 1981, I bought a vessel (wood) 20 tons with 230 hp Detroit and in 1984 a smaller fiberglass vessel 10.50 meters with a 130 hp Detroit. In 1990 I stopped my private professional fishing activities and joined the “Fiskerikollektivet af 1978”.

L712 “Else Leila”. Thybor√łn. 1980

Halibut 121 kg from L 54 “Hanne” 1983

R 405 “Hanne” in confrontation with the East German authorities in the Baltic Sea 1985. The Fisheries Control seized all of my equipment and I was first given it in 1987 following an agreement between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Government.

Situation from L 54 “Hanne” in 1983

L 54 “Hanne” 1983 on Helgoland