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Small scale fishery from Thorup

KSC Fishing Advice (KSCFA) is an advocacy and advisory business driven cooperation that aims to support the small scale and more coastal orientated fishery.

KSCFA is owned and operated by Kurt Svennevig Christensen (KSC). For more information, see the KSC’s CV her and under the menu “Project” you will find descriptions of the fishery projects KSC has been responsible for since the mid 80’s.

KSCFA works on the ground globally in many countries.

From Eritrea fishery project 2006

KSCFA collaborate with the individual fishermen and their associations in a “Fisher to Fisher” (FTF) collaboration.

Example of collaboration: A fisher or group of fishers needs/wants to develop their fishing activities, find new markets for their products, start fishing new species with new equipment, with a good business model including the necessary funding e.g. with financial support and loans from international public and private foundations and programs.

Example of collaboration: An international program, a fund supporting small and more coastal oriented fisheries, can use KSCFA as follows: To identify and substantiate a need for support for that fisheries in a limited area. Participate in and conduct feasibility studies, evaluations and final reports.

Kurt Svennevig Christensen

Date of birth: 10-07-1951

Personal description
In my jobs and education as teacher, philosopher, sailor, fisherman, fisherman, cook and project manager, I have learned to tackle and solve difficult problems and situations. Since 1989 I have worked in and with large and small national and international projects which I often have develop, coordinate and implemented. I have worked in Central Asia, African countries, the Baltic States, European countries and I have been active in major international sailing projects. I specialize in fisheries, fishing gear, education, sea food, fish marked, environment, climate, social work and development projects. I can teach and give lectures and speeches. Professional statements and active part in the debate

From college and project partners: Kurt is flexible, adaptable, hard-working and honest about what he is doing.

Private status
Home and office in Ferring on the coast to the North Atlantic, marriage five children eight grandchildren, active biking, sailing and walk on the beach.