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Mogadishu, Hobyo Somalia Sept. 2018

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October 31, 2018

Project Page: In cooperation with SAHAN Seafood and SAHAN Group’s partners in the Somali fisheries industry, KSC Fishing Advice in 2018 has launched a project for capacity building and market research.

Mogadishu fish market

On the way to the market

The fish market in Mogadishu

SMPC fish company on the way with new established modern fish industry with jetty and receiving facilities direct on the seashore near Mogadishu Harbour

SMPC Fishing Company

New fish company Mogadishu

SNFA Mogadishu, ready to receive and handel fish

Somali National Fishing Company. Blast freezer view

Hobyo. SAHAN Seafood Company new enterprise on the way in Hobyo

Sahan Hobyo

Sahan Hobyo

Sahan Seafood headquarter Mogadishu, Somalia

Sahan Seafood headquarter Mogadishu, Somalia

Meeting minister of fishery and livestock Somalia

Sahan Hobyo

Sahan Hobyo

Mogadishu september 2018

Mogadishu delicious seafood september 2018