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The Danish Society for a Living Sea 1995-2008

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March 10, 2018

Living Sea, Denmark. Position chairman and project manager.

The association was established in 1995 with me as working chairman and project manager for several projects in the period 1995-2008. In 2001, LLH bought a fishing boat that was converted to serve as sailed headquarters for the national association.

Article in Danish Newspapers:

Open letter to the minister of fishery: http://www.arbejderen.dk/artikel/2004-12-02/fiskeri-og-fiskerikontrol


Sea and climate campaign supported by OAK foundation. http://www.gl.levendehav.dk/om_levende-hav/havogklima-hovedside-2007.htm

Campaign for a clean sea and environmental save fishery. Here Middelfart with a fish shop

Copenhagen “Sea and Climate” 2007

Fishery fair DANFISH Aalborg 2017

Meeting Green Foundation 2003

Sea and Climate in election campaign 2011

Ejvind Larsen, Henning Thøgersen, Kurt and Knud “after ski” Copenhagen

Meeting with Living Sea somewhere in Denmark 2002

Sea and Climate campaign with exhibition

Fish on auktion labeled with LLH Organic Fishery

Campaign “Organic Fishery” in Esbjerg 2001. Zhannat Tariova with captain on the world biggest sailing ship S/S Sedov

Campaign for fish and fishery. Middelfart 2003

Middelfart 2003

Meeting on board small danish Seine fishing vessel

Campaign with M/S Anton LLH somewhere in Denmark